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Arkansas Becomes Frontrunner in Attacking Choice


arkansas_small.jpg Anti-choice politicians in Arkansas are wasting no time trying to strip away women's reproductive freedom in that state.

The state legislature is working on not one, but two extreme anti-choice bills.

The first bill would ban abortion care as early as 20 weeks without an adequate exception to protect a woman's health. This would take away options from women who face a devastating diagnosis of severe fetal anomalies later in pregnancy.

The second anti-choice bill would ban abortion, even earlier, at 12 weeks!

Extreme bans on abortion care inspired by so-called "heartbeat" bills have popped up in six states across the country. Arkansas stands poised to be the first state to submit such a measure for the governor's consideration.

Needless to say, these anti-choice legislative attacks are outrageous, and the state of Arkansas is winning the race to the bottom of the anti-choice barrel.

Last week, the first of these bills - the 20-week abortion ban - was sent to Gov. Mike Beebe's (D) desk.

Thankfully, Gov. Beebe vetoed the bill!

But the story doesn't end there - anti-choice politicians are now pushing for a veto override to make sure this extreme anti-choice policy becomes a reality.

There is no question that these policies are bad for women and their families. Bills like these would quite simply put abortion out of reach for hundreds of thousands of women.

We thank Gov. Beebe for standing with women in Arkansas and rejecting the extreme 20-week abortion ban. Now anti-choice politicians in that state should follow his example, instead of trying to chip away at women's freedom and privacy in Arkansas.

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Who is behind "October Baby"?


Could a movie with an anti-choice agenda be coming to a theater near you?

Today's New York Times had a story on the new movie "October Baby," which made $2.8 million in its opening week.

"October Baby" bills itself as a coming-of-age story with no political agenda. But a closer look at the filmmakers and the groups behind this movie reveals a troubling connection with the extreme anti-choice movement.

Who's behind "October Baby"?

You'll notice that the movie's website lists several supporting anti-choice organizations.

Focus on the Family and the American Family Association are among the groups that support extreme "personhood" measures.

Last November, the American Family Association campaigned aggressively for a "personhood" initiative in Mississippi that would have banned abortion care without exception, and could also have outlawed most common forms of birth control.

The filmmakers, Andrew and Jon Erwin, even did screenings of "October Baby" to help support the "personhood" initiative.

Thankfully, Mississippi voters overwhelmingly rejected this far-reaching measure.

But the people behind Mississippi "personhood" aren't giving up. They're pushing similar measures in other states.

Who's getting money from "October Baby"?

The movie's website lists Care Net and Heartbeat International as partners. They're umbrella organizations that support anti-choice "crisis pregnancy centers" (CPCs).

Ten percent of the profits from "October Baby" go to fund organizations that match the description of Care Net CPCs. That's more than $280,000 funneled in the last week alone toward misleading women!

So, here's why moviegoers should have concerns about how this financial arrangement affects women.

CPCs are anti-choice operations that pose as comprehensive women's health clinics. However, many CPCs deceive and lie to women to scare them away from choosing safe, legal abortion care. In other words, they aren't what they appear to be.

Investigations by NARAL Pro-Choice America state affiliates and HBO's documentary "12th & Delaware" have shown that CPCs regularly provide false or misleading information.

A CPC in Florida even suggested to one woman that her abusive boyfriend would stop abusing her if she carried her pregnancy to term.

There are more than 4,000 CPCs operating throughout the country; they outnumber health centers that provide abortion care by a 4:1 margin.

Sometimes, a movie's just a movie--but that's not the case with "October Baby."

Please feel free to share this information and check your local movie listings.

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Rep. Michele Bachmann may be running for president, but she still collects your taxpayer dollars as a representative of Minnesota's 6th Congressional District.

As an advocate for "smaller" government, she hasn't been the best about showing up for her day job: Rep. Bachmann has missed more than 150 votes in the U.S. House of Representatives since announcing her candidacy for president.

One thing that does make Rep. Bachmann beat a trail back to D.C.: introducing bills to take away a woman's ability to make private medical decisions with her doctor.

Last week, she introduced a bill that would mandate that medical professionals perform an ultrasound on any woman seeking abortion services, display the images, and then orally describe the images to the woman - even if she directly objects. It would also force the health-care provider to search for a fetal heartbeat before the woman is permitted to receive abortion care if she is at least eight weeks pregnant. Sadly, the proposal has no exception from this mandate for cases of rape, incest, or severe emotional distress.

I guess that's Michele Bachmann's idea of limited government.

Rep. Bachmann may have missed 150 votes, but she takes a break from campaigning to vote to interfere with women's freedom and privacy. Let's take a look at some of her votes this year:

Meanwhile, Herman Cain continues to garner attention--and not the good kind.

Just yesterday, while Mr. Cain was interviewed on NBC's "Meet the Press," moderator David Gregory asked him about a woman's right to choose. Spoiler alert: he's against it--even for survivors of rape and incest.

GREGORY: Exceptions for rape and incest?

CAIN: Not for rape and incest. Because if you look at rape and incest, the percentage of those instances is so minuscule that there are other options.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Glad to hear that Mr. Cain places such high importance on women's personal experiences!

Bachmann and Cain: two candidates who should make any pro-choice voter say, "Nein, nein, nein!"

Paid for by NARAL Pro-Choice America,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

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A Webinar on the War on Women!


Today, NARAL Pro-Choice America held a press webinar with reporters, bloggers, and key supporters to discuss the unprecedented wave of attacks on women's freedom and privacy in Congress and the states. You can watch a video and check out the slides for yourself (download the PDF or view them below).

You will hear the voices of Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, and Donna Crane, our policy director. 

We were also honored that Ohio state Rep. Nickie Antonio, a pro-choice member of the state legislature, joined us to share her experience of fighting against anti-choice attacks. She spoke firsthand about the dire consequences that the 2010 elections have had for women in the Buckeye State. 

Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, talked about one bill that could ban abortion care before a woman even knows she is pregnant.

We'd love to get your feedback on the webinar. Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. 

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It's been a busy day in the states. Choice-related bills are being considered in Ohio, New Hampshire, and New York City. When it comes to their effect on women's freedom and privacy, these bills range from good to bad to downright atrocious.

First, the good news.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of NARAL Pro-Choice New York, the New York City Council just passed a bill that requires anti-choice Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) to adhere to truth-in-advertising standards. 

CPCs are fake clinics that are often staffed by anti-choice activists who mislead and lie to women about abortion and birth control. The primary reason they exist is to dissuade women from choosing legal abortion care. 

Kudos to NARAL Pro-Choice New York, and to the New York City Council for standing up for a woman's right to receive medically accurate information!

Now on to some bad news.

NARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire is reporting that a bill imposing a dangerous parental-involvement mandate just got one step closer to passage. This bill would require young women who seek abortion care to tell their parents or go to court, even if they come from homes with physical and emotional abuse.

Pilar Olivo, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire, said the bill would jeopardize young women's health and safety, noting that "if a young woman has been raped, she should get to decide who she gets to talk to first."

New Hampshire's previous parental-involvement mandate was repealed in 2007 by pro-choice Gov. John Lynch and a bipartisan coalition of New Hampshire legislatorsNARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire will continue to fight this dangerous bill.

Now on to the Buckeye State, which wins today's award for biggest anti-choice side show.

Anti-choice state legislators in Ohio recently introduced a bill that could ban abortion care before a woman even knows she's pregnant.

Today, the Ohio House Health Committee held a hearing on the bill, during which anti-choice lawmakers called on a fetus to "testify." At the same time, the committee's chairman barred testimony from women who have chosen abortion care. (I guess women don't have anything to say in the matter.)

Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, called the hearing a media stunt

It is clear that this committee is more interested in making headlines than discussing how to improve women's access to health care or create good jobs in our state. This bill could entangle Ohio in an expensive legal fight, and is out of touch with our state's values and priorities.

It is beyond disappointing that the committee won't allow video testimony so they can hear from women who have made the profoundly personal decision to terminate a pregnancy. The politicians behind this bill refuse to acknowledge what Ohioans understand: Every woman's situation is different, and it's unacceptable for anti-choice lawmakers to think they should make the personal, private decisions that belong to women and their doctors.

Kudos to NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio for standing up to anti-choice politicians and their backwards priorities. 

Thanks also to NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin, which is standing up against anti-choice Gov. Scott Walker's attempts to bring his own War on Women to the Badger State.

And a shout-out to our entire network of state affiliates, who fight to protect women's freedom and privacy in statehouses and city councils across the country. 

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Anti-choice lawmakers in Ohio have introduced one of the most dangerous and extreme attacks on choice in the country

Under the provisions of a new bill, abortion care could be banned as early as the fifth week of pregnancy--before many women even know they're pregnant! Doctors who provide abortion care after that point could face up to a year in prison and a $2,500 fine. 

Ohio is currently facing an $8 billion budget shortfall, yet anti-choice politicians in Columbus are making attacks on a woman's right to choose a top priority. In the last two weeks, they've introduced five bills that interfere with a woman's ability to make personal, private medical decisions. And with a new anti-choice governor and state legislature, these dangerous bills could very well become law.

Our colleagues at NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio are fighting against these attacks on women's freedom and privacy. Kellie Copeland, the organization's executive director, called out the anti-choice legislative leadership for pulling a bait and switch on Ohio voters:

Ohio's new legislative leadership campaigned on a promise of creating jobs and revitalizing the economy. Instead, at the first available opportunity, these politicians are pushing an anti-choice agenda that is out of touch with Ohio's values and priorities. Ohio's anti-choice politicians who campaigned on less government intrusion in our lives are actually fine with government intrusion as long as it involves the personal, private decisions that take place between a woman and her doctor.

It's the same anti-choice hypocrisy we're seeing in Congress and in statehouses across the country

Kudos to NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and all of our state affiliates for fighting against these dangerous attacks on women's health. 

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