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Anti-Choice Blogger Cruelly Mocks Women's Experiences


NARAL Pro-Choice America is made up of pro-choice women and men across the United States who come together to protect a woman's right to choose. These individuals are our backbone, and their stories remind us of why we do this work. Behind every statistic or heated argument about abortion is a real woman's experience. 

On our website,, we offer a safe space for people to share their stories because sharing stories is a way for our supporters to connect. Our Women's Stories page gives powerful and heart-felt accounts of women's personal lives and the difficult decisions they've made. As someone who talks with women about what it means to be pro-choice, I understand the courage it takes to share a story with us and the world. 

That's why I was deeply disgusted and outraged when I discovered that an anti-choice blogger mocked these personal stories through a series of "Parody Testimonials" blogs

The blogger crudely and cruelly mocks the circumstances behind these women's stories, even in situations where women's lives and health were in danger. 

Dawn, 40

I got pregnant in the summer of 2008. My husband and I were thrilled. We had been trying for about 6 months and it finally happened.

At 11 weeks of gestation we found out that our son/daughter had anencephaly. We were devastated. We thought we wanted this child. We murdered our son/daughter two days later in a building which looked like a hospital (but where they murdered people instead of cared for them). A spineless, life-hating, unprotective man who had a Medical Doctorate in gynecology dilated my cervix and proceeded to cut my son/daughter up into several pieces. After this, the nurse informed him that all of my son's/daughter's body parts were present and accounted for. The "doctor" considered this a "condition not compatible with life" AND WHO WOULD after being cut up into so many pieces?!


I have worked for groups which favor the murder of unborn babies for the worst part of my life doing a variety of volunteer activities (lying, deceiving, coaxing, betraying my fellow woman, hating men and the babies that they helped us conceive... did I mention lying?) as well as giving money to spill more blood. I support murdering unborn babies in all circumstances (yes, especially those which are forced in China and other countries since they have more melanin than I do).

I got pregnant in the summer of 2008. My husband and I were thrilled. We had been trying for about 6 months and it finally happened.

At 11 weeks of gestation we found out that the fetus had anencephaly. We were devastated. This was a very wanted child. We terminated the pregnancy two days later in a hospital. My OB performed the D&C. The doctor considered this a "condition not compatible with life."


I have worked for pro-choice causes for the better part of my life doing a variety of volunteer activities as well as donating money. I support choice in all circumstances.

We can't let the actions of an anti-choice blogger intimidate or shame women into silence. Please take a moment to support the women who bravely shared their stories with us. Read some of our Women's Stories and pick the story that you find most compelling. Share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media you use. Share it here at BlogForChoice and on other blogs you visit. When you post the story, please say, "I stand with [NAME] and here is her/his story."

Together, we can stand up for these brave women and against hate.   

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Ready, Set, Blog for Choice!


Good morning pro-choice America... and Happy 36th Anniversary Roe v. Wade!

It's Blog for Choice Day 2009!

Be sure to take a moment to blog today on this year's topic: What is your top pro-choice hope for President Obama and/or the new Congress?:


bfcday2009.pngIt's not too late to sign-up here.

Leave a link to your blog post in the comments section, and maybe we'll highlight it on our blog throughout the day!

Most of you know that I've been hanging out in The Big Tent with a whole gaggle of progressive bloggers. Seriously, there are so many bloggers here, I cannot wrap my head around it.

Denver, Day 3 014.jpg

Denver, Day 3 016.jpg

One very important thing I've learned? Bloggers like beer. And other bloggers. And that's why it's so dang fun here. Meeting bloggers whose blogs I read, chatting about women's reproductive rights, forming progressive alliances, pitching NARAL Pro-Choice America's work as the political arm of the pro-choice movement... it's all so overwhelming. And I haven't even begun to discuss all the free food (hello Chipotle!). The Big Tent is such an invaluable resource, and I'm glad NARAL is a part of it.

Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, is going to participate in a panel tomorrow titled "Have 'They' Gone Too Far? The medical and political implications of attacks on reproductive health care, including Colorado's Amendment 48." The panel begins at 9 a.m. MT/ 11 a.m. EST and is streaming live on the Big Tent Denver website, so please check it out tomorrow! 

More to follow- stay tuned.

Yikes! Day one is officially over... and Lauren and Molly are officially full of yummy Texas food and tired from the day's activities.

You can read another point of view here at Real Clear Politics.

Talk at you tomorrow!

P.S. If you're at Netroots Nation and want to meet up with us, let us know in the comments section!

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