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Do You Know Where the Candidates Stand on Choice?


Today, we launched our 2014 Voter Guide, a breakdown of choice ratings for candidates running in every federal primary elections across the country.

Imagine what we could do if politicians across the country knew voters would only support candidates who believe in a woman's right to comprehensive reproductive-health care and abortion access.

Despite the fact that seven in 10 Americans believe abortion should remain safe and legal, 53 anti-choice measures were enacted in 24 states in 2013 alone. Those restrictions included bans on abortion throughout pregnancy, legislation aimed at shutting down reproductive-health care clinics and providers, and measures to block access to birth control.

In 2014, a year with 36 senate races and 36 governors seats on the ballot, it's more important than ever that voters are aware of a candidate's position on choice and whether they would protect or restrict women's rights if elected. That's why we're holding them accountable.

Every voter needs to know who is making the pro-choice grade and who is failing.

We've seen it over and over. When voters know where candidates stand on choice, they vote pro-choice.

Not only does our 2014 Voter Guide include choice ratings on candidates, we also include voter registration deadlines in every state and easy ways to find your voting precinct location. The Voter Guide also has information on key ballot initiatives that endanger a woman's right to choose and information on how you can connect with a NARAL Pro-Choice America affiliate in your state.

Do you and your friends and family know where your representatives stand on choice?

Make sure they do. Show that you're a pro-choice voter and encourage them to find out where the candidates stand by sharing this graphic:


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Pro-Choice Voting Tools are a Text Message Away!


Barack_Obama_wiki.jpgTomorrow, November 6, is the day we need you to head to the polls to re-elect pro-choice President Obama and vote for pro-choice U.S. Senate and House candidates in your state!

If you're not sure where to get started, don't worry. Everything you need to vote pro-choice is just a text message away.

For starters, make sure you know where to vote. Find out where your polling place is located by texting VOTE to 49609.

Then be sure you know where your federal candidates stand on choice. Even if you're standing in line to vote and you forget, just take out your phone and text GUIDE to 49609. Follow the instructions to get the choice positions of your federal candidates.

Make sure to tell your friends about these tools. They couldn't be easier to use, and with the elections just a day away, it is so important that voters have everything they need to vote for pro-choice champions across the country.

Stand with us on November 6 and help President Barack Obama and other pro-choice candidates ensure a woman's right to freedom and privacy.

Paid for by NARAL Pro-Choice America,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

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Protecting Women's Privacy in Florida


On November 6, pro-choice Florida voters will get to do more than vote to re-elect President Obama and pro-choice members of Congress: they'll have the opportunity to say "no" to a dangerous anti-choice ballot measure.

Amendment 6 would let politicians interfere with a woman's right to make decisions about her reproductive health.

If passed, Amendment 6 could put a woman's health in danger.

  • Amendment 6 would amend the Florida constitution to prohibit insurance coverage of abortion services in state health-benefits plans, many of which currently include abortion coverage.
  • Amendment 6 also would dramatically expand the Florida legislature's power to make anti-choice laws in the state even worse, taking away all protections in Florida's constitution that currently guarantee women the right to privacy.
  • Amendment 6 makes no exceptions for a woman's health - even if she is battling a serious illness like cancer.
  • It may make it impossible for a woman and her family to access the medical care she needs if she faces a pregnancy with a severe fetal abnormality.
  • It could take away the health care that teachers, police officers, firefighters, nurses, and many students currently have access to.

Our staff got the chance to work on the ground with No on 6, the campaign fighting to stop this dangerous ballot measure. NARAL Pro-Choice America is proud to help defeat it!


If you live in Florida, vote NO on Amendment 6 on November 6. Don't give politicians sweeping authority to make it harder for women to access the health care their families count on.

Paid political advertisement paid for by VOTE NO ON 6, 736 Central Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236. Distributed in-kind by NARAL Pro-Choice America, 1156 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005.

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A Shout Out to First-Time Voters!


Ali Tweedt is a member of NARAL Pro-Choice America's communications and online advocacy strategies department.

We can hardly believe that election day is less than two weeks away.

This year, many pro-choice Americans will be voting for the very first time! We couldn't be more excited for all the pro-choice 18 to 22-year-olds who were too young to vote in the previous election, but will now get to vote for our pro-choice champion, President Barack Obama.

These Millennials have the chance to rock the pro-choice vote - and we definitely need their help on November 6.

When I voted for the first time in 2008, access to abortion and contraception weren't being attacked like they are today. I remember feeling so lucky to be able to use my political voice and vote for a candidate I knew was going to be a champion for choice and equality.

Lena Dunham, writer of the HBO show "Girls," talked about her first time voting in a new ad for the Obama campaign. Check it out!

President Obama has demonstrated his leadership time and again, standing with women and their families, and I am so thrilled that first-time voters will get the same opportunity to use their pro-choice voices and vote!

We cannot forget what's at stake in this election. Under a Romney-Ryan administration, women could lose their most basic rights:

We're working to make sure that Millennials know that Mitt Romney is bad for women and their families. And come election day, we hope Millennials will vote for a person who has fought for women and our freedom and privacy.

For all those pro-choice people who just turned 18, use your political voice on November 6. Vote for the candidate who has stood with women, and trusts us with our personal health-care decisions: President Barack Obama.

Paid for by NARAL Pro-Choice America,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

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The College Students who Helped Defeat "Personhood"


Last week, Mississippi voters decisively rejected Initiative 26, the extreme "personhood" measure. Initiative 26 would have banned abortion care without exception, and could also have outlawed in vitro fertilization and most types of birth control.

This victory in one of the most conservative states in the Union would not have happened without the hard work of a broad coalition of faith leaders, reproductive-justice and pro-choice allies, and other Mississippi-based groups.

It also would not have happened without the dedication and effort of students at Mississippi's historically black colleges and universities.

Ms. magazine reports on how these students mobilized their friends and neighbors to defeat Initiative 26:

Students at Tougaloo held forums and a rally against 26; student organizers at Jackson State handed out flyers, educated their peers and mobilized at the "Hot Spot" for a Rock the Vote rally; Alcorn students proudly displayed "Vote NO on 26″ signs on the windshields of their cars. It was inspiring to see both women and men energized and participating in grassroots organizing on their campuses around what is not only a state issue, but also a national issue concerning reproductive rights.

Kudos to Mississippi students for standing up for women's freedom and privacy!

While we celebrate the victory in Mississippi, we must remember that much remains to be done. The people behind the "personhood" measure aren't giving up: they're pushing similar measures in at least six more states in 2012!

And, as Loretta Ross, national coordinator of SisterSong: Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, reminds us, last Tuesday's vote was not a total win for the women of Mississippi:

At the same time, Mississippi voters approved Initiative 27, a Voter ID exclusion initiative requiring government-issued identification in order to vote, a direct threat to the Voting Rights Act. Even on November 7, some black voters were questioned about their ID and their right to vote.

We'll continue to work with our allies in the reproductive-justice community to ensure that all women have the right to choose--and the right to protect that right to choose at the ballot box.

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Hey you! Yes, you. The one that's registered to vote in Pennsylvania. Today is election day and we need you to make sure you go to the polls and vote for pro-choice Joe Sestak for U.S. Senate.

If you're unsure of where you should vote, or how late your poll is open, check out the Pennsylvania Department of State's online voting information and resource center. They have all the information you need.

Let's go Joe!
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Are you feeling down now that the election excitement has passed? Do you miss the gut-wrenching suspense we experienced before November 4? Well, you're not alone, and the Liberty Lowdown is here to help.

Check out our uplifting (albeit slightly creepy) post-election Liberty Lowdown pick-me-up.

See, don't you feel better as you remember all our fabulous pro-choice victories? This election, we:

-Elected Barack Obama as our next pro-choice prez
-Picked up 20 pro-choice seats in the House and 5 in the Senate
-Made over 635,000 calls
-Defeated another attempted abortion ban in SD
-Sent over a million pieces of mail
-Helped Obama win all the states where NARAL Pro-Choice America volunteers knocked on doors and made calls
-Defeated anti-choice ballot measures in CO and CA

And if that hasn't quite brought you out of your post-election funk, you're in luck! There's still two undecided races: MN and GA.

The recount is still underway for the Franken-Coleman race in MN, so that should keep you on the edge of your seat for a bit.

And tomorrow is the runoff election between pro-choice Jim Martin and anti-Choice Saxby Chambliss for Georgia Senate. So if you live in GA, set the oreos aside and get out to vote for Martin! 

So chin up, all you crazy-for-choicers - sit back and be proud of everything we accomplished this election. Then get right back up and help us reverse eight years of anti-choice policies. We've got a lot of work to do.   

Happy Monday, pro-choice America.

I wanted to be sure you all checked out the transcript of our web chat from Friday. It ended up begin a great discussion full of tough but important questions that our political director Elizabeth Shipp had a great time answering. One interesting example:

The response I get from pro-choice Republicans is that there are bigger issues this time: tax increases under Obama, Republicans are more fiscally conservative (untrue, but they aren't convinced)
Elizabeth Shipp:
OK. So it's obvious that number one, whoever these pro-choice Republicans are, they are making more than $250,000 a year, which is the only way they wouldn't be getting a tax-cut under Obama. But I know this isn't the Obama for America webchat, so, I guess we'll just have to answer based on choice. Of course there are tremendously big and scary issues facing our country right now. The stock market is going bonkers, we're excited that gas is only $3.00 a gallon, and milk is crazy expensive. It's easy to get trapped into believing the easy definitions that McCain uses to attack Obama. But here's the thing: as I said before, being pro-choice like Barack Obama has so much more to do with your everyday life than you might think. It's about the cost of your birth control prescriptions. It's about cancer screenings for low-income women. It's about making sure our teens have medically-accurate sex education so they don't find themselves in a situation they don't know how to handle before they're ready.

If people are really concerned about taxes and what makes someone conservative or liberal, they need only to look to the candidate who will actually work to reduce unintended pregnancy, reduce the need for abortion, make birth control affordable, and keep clinics that provide family-planning and cancer screenings to low-income women throughout this country fully funded. That candidate is Barack Obama. John McCain won't do a thing to make anyone's life better...well, maybe Sarah Palin's.
It was a lot of fun to help set up, and I encourage you to head on over to our website to check the transcript. It doesn't take too long, and it really does a great job of giving you answers for any questions you may encounter when talking to friends, family and co-workers about the election.

Got a pro-choice friend who's voting for McCain?


Don't be embarrassed. We all have one.

Who doesn't know at least one person who you agree with on a lot of things, but who's voting for John McCain?

For me, it's my high school friend who's in the military. I love her dearly, which is why I'm scared to death to even broach the topic. I know from Facebook that she's voting McCain. She's super pro-choice (and she lives in Virginia, yikes!) - and we totally need her vote for Obama.

Or maybe your friend, mother-in-law, or neighbor is on board with Obama, but isn't yet convinced to vote for a pro-choice congressional candidate...

Whoever that important person is in your life, we want to help you try and convince them change their mind!

Sure - that's easier said than done. We get that politics is one of those taboo subjects - it's not exactly what you bring up at work over lunch or at your Sunday dinner with grandma.

That's why we hope you join NARAL Pro-Choice America's fabulous political director, Elizabeth Shipp, for a webchat TODAY at 2 pm Eastern.

Submit your question - come on, just do it!

Even if you can't join the chat live (although what better way to pass a Friday afternoon?), you can check out the transcript afterward.

We have 11 days. Less than two weeks to convince pro-choice Americans that voting for McCain - or any anti-choice candidate - is the absolute worst thing they can do for the future of women's reproductive health. Forget "choices." McCain has voted to end the federal family-planning program. We're talking pap smears and breast cancer screening - basic health care is really on the line this election.

Every pro-choice vote matters. It's that simple.

See you this afternoon, and send in your question right now.

Kristin Koch is Deputy Director of Communications for Online Strategies for NARAL Pro-Choice America.

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