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Why Everyone Needs to See the Pro-Choice Film Obvious Child

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The amazing pro-choice comedy Obvious Child hit select theaters across the country and will open nationwide on June 27.

Seriously, go see this movie. I was lucky to see it in an advanced screening and was blown away. It was hilarious, heartwarming, and, most importantly, it was honest in its portrayal of abortion care.

So, why am I personally thrilled to see a movie tackle a woman's unintended pregnancy and decision to have an abortion with respect and humor?

There are plenty of movies, like Juno and Knocked Up, that share stories of women who face an unintended pregnancy. In these films, the option to choose abortion is either glossed over or talked about as something dirty or a decision to be ashamed of. When we watch story lines that depict abortion negatively, they feed into a culture that teaches women that it's not okay to talk about abortion and that having an abortion makes you a bad person.

Obvious Child is unlike any film I've seen before about young people like me and our real-life experiences. To see a main character choose abortion and be happy and content with her decision to do so is pretty awesome. When I watched Obvious Child I could immediately relate and laugh about some of the real conversations about relationships, sex, and our bodies that I've had with my friends, and I loved the courage Jenny Slate's character showed when she made the best decision that was best for her. It was refreshing to finally see a complex female character deal with issues that are rarely shown on screen. I could also relate to the fear of sharing something so personal and being pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of support from friends and family when you didn't know if they'd have your back.

The movie also debunks some of the most common myths about abortion and the women who have them.

It's kind of amazing when you think about how unique Obvious Child is - because it shouldn't be unique at all. One in three women has an abortion in her lifetime and research shows that the majority of those women - 95 percent - feel relieved and like they made the right decision afterwards. Shouldn't the majority of stories about abortion and unplanned pregnancy in pop culture reflect this breakdown? It's troubling and hugely problematic that we're afraid or made to feel ashamed to talk about our real experiences because Hollywood isn't getting this issue right.

But based on the numbers, maybe Obvious Child can convince filmmakers to treat these topics in a more honest way. So far, Obvious Child has the best per-screen ticket sales of the summer independent releases. These numbers show that there's no monetary excuse not to change the way stories about abortion are told in movies. People will show up to watch movies about real women and their experiences.

It's important that we help build momentum for Obvious Child. That's why we teamed up with Cosmopolitan to host a screening of it that featured a panel discussion moderated by our president Ilyse Hogue. Director Gillian Robespierre, lead actress Jenny Slate, producer Elisabeth Holm and editor of Cosmopolitan Amy Odell joined her to talk about why honest stories of abortion and women's lives are essential to breaking down stigma and uniting women in their shared experiences.

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Hopefully, Obvious Child will make filmmakers and members of the media think twice before they pedal more negative stereotypes about abortion. And maybe we'll even start to see more plot lines that accurately portray a woman's decision to choose abortion with honesty and empathy.

Check out the trailer below for Obvious Child and see it in theaters starting today!

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