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Rallying for Birth Control at the Supreme Court

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Justin Cohen is a staff member of the Communications department at NARAL Pro-Choice America.

DC 325 rally.pngAs snow began to fall earlier today, we joined more than 40 women's health groups and progressive allies, along with hundreds of activists for our "Not My Boss's Business" rally outside the Supreme Court.

The court began to hear oral arguments for two cases brought by for-profit companies who want to give bosses the right to deny their employees birth control coverage just because they oppose it. The Affordable Care Act's birth-control coverage benefit is one of the biggest reproductive-health wins in a generation, but that makes it a target for anti-choice forces.

The frigid weather wasn't going to stop us from having our message heard - personal health decisions should be made by a woman and her doctor. It is not any boss's business!

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Now it's up to the Supreme Court to rule in favor of women's reproductive health-care access. Make sure to you follow our hashtag #NotMyBossBusiness to stay up to speed with our campaign!

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