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Turkey-Talk: When Choice Comes Up at Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving_small.jpgWho doesn't love Thanksgiving? So many things to look forward to: family, friends, and most importantly, food.

But sometimes at the Thanksgiving table we can't avoid those political discussions that go from awkward to even more awkward if curmudgeonly "Uncle Marv" won't stop running his mouth about how we need to pass a 20-week abortion ban.

Uncle Marv may not realize how dangerous an abortion ban can be for women's health, but luckily you're armed with the facts. That's why you can help educate Uncle Marv about why voters in Albuquerque, New Mexico, resoundingly voted down a proposed 20-week ban.

Here are some quick facts about later abortion care and later abortion bans you can use at Thanksgiving:

  • Less than two percent of abortion care occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy .

  • And many of those women who do choose later abortion must make the heartbreaking decision to end a much-wanted pregnancy after a tragic diagnosis. Dana is one of these women. Later into her pregnancy, Dana found out that her pregnancy had a severe fetal anomaly and decided to end her pregnancy - the decision her and her husband felt was best for their family. You can even show Uncle Marv this video of Dana telling her story.

  • Many later abortion bans, including the failed ban in Albuquerque and those in a number of states, have no exceptions for survivors of rape or incest.

  • Anti-choice groups are actually trying to ban abortion outright, regardless of a woman's health or circumstances. Later abortion bans are just one way they're trying to do this.

Even in Congress, politicians like Sen. Lindsey Graham, who introduced a bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks for women nationwide, are spending taxpayer dollars push a bill that endangers women's lives instead of fixing real problems like education, the economy, or climate change.

Hopefully, talking about the dangers that real women face if later abortion bans are passed will open up Uncle Marv's mind to consider facts he hadn't been aware of before. You may not agree on everything, but you can help him understand why defeating these bans is essential to protecting women's health and safety.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

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