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Look What Happened When We Celebrated Men Who Trust Women

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**Trigger Warning**

This week, our first annual event, Men For Choice - And the Women Who Love Them, was an amazing success! Pro-choice men from all walks of life joined us in celebrating pro-choice values and a woman's right to make her own personal and private decisions without shame or government intrusion.

To get the buzz going leading up to our event, we started tweeting with the hashtag #MenForChoice. Men (and women) from across the country tweeted their pro-choice support and their gratitude for all men who strongly stand with women - it was truly amazing.

The response from people who don't consider themselves to be part of #MenForChoice was also, well, quite something.

Take a look for yourself to see what happens when we celebrate these amazing pro-choice champions.

Anti-choice tweeters called pro-choice men "selfish" and "irresponsible:"

Tweet 1.jpg

Tweet 2.jpg

Tweet 3.jpg

Tweet 4.jpg


Tweet 5.jpg

Tweet 6.jpg

Tweet 7.jpg

FB 1.jpg

And even went as far as calling pro-choice men child rapists:

Tweet 8.jpg

Tweet 9.jpg

Tweet 10.jpg

To these anti-choice trolls, standing up for a woman's reproductive rights falls in the same boat as abusing children. How offensive is that?!

Anti-choice extremists who fight against abortion rights are the same people who fight against equality and autonomy for women in general. And they definitely showed us exactly what "pro-life love and compassion" truly is.

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