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7 Lies CPCs Tell Women to Scare Them Out of Abortion

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Have you ever seen signs that say "Pregnant? Scared?" and offer free counseling, pregnancy tests, or ultrasounds? Those are likely ads from anti-choice "crisis pregnancy centers" (CPCs) that lure women through their doors and then lie to, shame, and deceive women in order to talk them out of choosing abortion. Most people aren't even aware that these centers exist. And right now there are as many as 3,000 CPCs across the country.

Here are some of the lies you'll hear from CPC "counselors:"

CPC Lie #1: Abortion causes breast cancer.

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Yeah, about that... the most respected scientific studies all show that abortion care does NOT increase a woman's risk of breast cancer. Just ask the National Cancer Institute.

CPC Lie #2: Abortion will ruin your chances of having children in the future.

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Another scare tactic. The truth is: while any medical procedure can pose risks, research shows that early abortion care poses "virtually no risks" to long-term fertility.

CPC Lie #3: Abortion is extremely dangerous. You'll probably die if you get one.

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Actually, legal abortion is one of the safest medical procedures performed in the U.S. today and it's a lot safer than giving birth.

CPC Lie #4: Having an abortion will ruin all your future relationships - and your life.

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The decision to end a pregnancy is never an easy one. But research shows that even though some women may feel sad after the procedure, many also feel relieved and grateful.

CPC Lie #5: Birth control is enslavement.

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A CPC employee was caught on tape telling a woman that taking oral contraception every day is basically enslavement. Absurd, we know. By the way, hasn't she heard of the wonder that is Nuva Ring?

CPC Lie #6: Condoms don't work.

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What happens when young people are told that condoms - which prevent pregnancy and STIs when used correctly - don't work? They DON'T USE THEM. That's how unintended pregnancies happen.

CPC Lie #7: By the way, we CPC employees aren't lying about any of this.


We can't think of anything more dangerous than pretending to give women actual medical facts or advice when CPCs are actually telling them blatant lies that could truly endanger their reproductive health.


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