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Pro-Choice Texans Call Out Cheaters

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cheater_small.jpgThe Texas Legislature is still in the spotlight after Sen. Wendy Davis' epic stand led the way to a "People's Filibuster," where hundreds of pro-choice Texans rallied at the capitol and ensured that an extreme anti-choice bill did not pass.

But instead of respecting democracy, Gov. Rick Perry and his anti-choice allies in the Texas legislature have resorted to manipulating the rules, cutting off debate, and ignoring the clock so that they could pass extreme anti-choice legislation.

We asked pro-choice Texans across the state to voice their own opinions about Gov. Perry's cheating tactics by writing a Letter to the Editor of their local paper. The Letters to the Editor are the most frequented section of the paper, and we've already seen a few printed!

Here's one Letter to the Editor featured in the Weatherford Democrat:

As children, we're taught that cheating is against the rules, plain and simple. As adults, many of us work to instill this value in children. We want them to play fair, and follow the rules even if it doesn't go their way. As the old adage goes, "Cheaters never win." Gov. Perry, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst and their allies in the legislature must have missed this lesson. And Texas women could pay the price. Perry and Dewhurst have resorted to cheating and deception to push their abortion bill that will hurt the health of many women across the state.

We demand that Gov. Perry and Lt. Gov. Dewhurst stop changing the rules. Cheating is no way to make laws for Texas. If the governor and his allies can't pass a law fairly under the rules, we can't let them cheat their way to victory. Here in Texas, cheaters never win.

Janell Jenkins, Garland, Texas

Anti-choice politicians in Texas and across the country must be held accountable for their unacceptable behavior that could cheat women out of their rights. Would you consider writing to your local paper?

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