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North Carolina Gov. McCrory's Big, Fat Broken Promise

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You may not have even known the name of North Carolina's governor until recently, but ever since Gov. Pat "Liar Pants on Fire" McCrory cheated women out of their right to choose in North Carolina, his handle is all over Twitter.

How did Gov. McCrory go from that guy we never heard of to the most despised governor in the country? One big, fat broken promise.

Here's how it went down.

1. Promise women voters that you will not be one of those guys behind the War on Women.

2. Get elected.

McCrory election night_small.jpg

3. Sneak an extreme attack on access to abortion in a bill on... motorcycle safety.

NC bill highlighted_small.jpg

4. Sign the bill.

NC - image for no image.jpg
(No photos are available because he did it behind closed doors.)

5. Offer a plate of cookies to all those ladies who've been protesting outside your mansion.

McCrory cookies_small.jpg

6. Watch as women's health centers close because of your broken promise.

NC - clinic close headline_small.jpg

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