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Missouri Senator Considers Life-Saving Abortion a "Matter of Convenience"

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This week, Missouri State Sen. Brian Nieves went far beyond other anti-choice politicians in revealing his ignorance about a woman's personal and private decision to seek abortion care.

He said that a life-saving abortion is just a "matter of convenience:"

BrianNieves life saving abortion convenient.jpg

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Sen. Nieves' claim is not only blatantly false, but has extremely dangerous implications. One of the reasons we fight so hard to protect a woman's right to choose is because a woman's life can depend on her accessing abortion care.

Women like Jamie, who are unable to carry a pregnancy to term because of medical complications, would die if denied abortion care. And women like Beverly know firsthand how access to abortion care can be crucial to saving a woman's life - she would have lost her mother from pregnancy complications if a doctor had not performed a life-saving abortion, which was illegal in the days before Roe v. Wade.

It's outrageous that Sen. Nieves is so quick to dismiss life-saving care as a "matter of convenience." Apparently, protecting a woman's health and safety is inconvenient for this anti-choice extremist.

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