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Hey Kids, Here's a Plastic Fetus with Your Candy!

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All I can say is: GROSS.

plastic fetus.jpgAn anti-choice group in North Dakota is using the state fair to promote its anti-choice agenda by targeting children - without their parents' knowledge.

Minot Right to Life has been giving away tiny plastic fetuses in bags of candy to impose its anti-choice values on children.

These plastic figures are often used by anti-choice supporters to mislead and shame women who might be considering abortion care.

Executive director of North Dakota Right to Life claimed that these plastic figures "have nothing to do with abortion," which is pretty absurd considering that organizers at the booth were handing out "educational" pamphlets with the figures that said, "Week 1: conception; the baby is smaller than a grain of sugar, but the instructions are present for all that this person will ever become."

One mother who attended the fair expressed her outrage that anti-choice activists were imposing their views on her children:

"My kids can read, I shouldn't have to explain to five and six-year olds what abortion is at a family event. I doubt these people would be allowed to hand out condoms to little kids. But it's okay to talk to them about abortion without my permission?"

The whole story is deeply unsettling. And it goes to show that anti-choice activists have no problem crossing the line to impose their extreme anti-woman agenda on children.

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