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Pro-Choice Texas Sen. Wendy Davis Wins America Over

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Something truly extraordinary happened this week that electrified our community. Pro-choice Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) took an epic stand for women's reproductive freedom and refused to be bullied or silenced by anti-choice politicians in the legislature.

Sen. Davis chose to filibuster a bill, S.B. 5, which would have banned abortion care after 20 weeks and shut down all but five abortion clinics across the state of Texas. She was not allowed to sit, drink, eat, or even lean on the podium at any time for the 13 hours she needed to run out the clock and prevent a vote before the special session ended.

wendy-sneakers.jpg Sen. Wendy Davis Stands for 13-hour Filibuster

Sen. Davis withstood numerous attempts by her anti-choice colleagues to silence her. Proponents of the bill also attempted to silence the voices of the hundreds of pro-choice supporters who filled the Texas Capitol. In the end, the bill was officially defeated when the session ended at midnight without a vote.

I tuned into the live-stream late Tuesday night, and was both mesmerized and horrified at how far anti-choice politicians would go to ram through such a dangerous measure for women's health. State Sen. Leticia Van De Putte (D) drove the point home when she said:

"At what point must a female senator raise her hand or her voice to be recognized over her male colleagues?"

Sen. Van de Putte's question was like a match to a fuse. Pro-choice supporters in the Capitol immediately began to cheer with support. The cheer became a roar. And they didn't stop cheering until time ran out and the session ended without a vote on S.B. 5.

The defeat of S.B. 5 was a resounding victory for pro-choice women and men across the nation. Sen. Davis' efforts were nothing short of incredible, and her stand reminds us that elected officials can do more than just vote to fight back against the most extreme anti-choice politicians. Sign our Thank You note to Sen. Wendy Davis for not backing down to anti-choice bullies.

Showing just how far anti-choice politicians are willing to go, Gov. Rick Perry (R) has already called for a second special session to advance this bill again. He also showed his true colors and took it to a personal level by stating that Sen. Davis should "[learn] from her own example":


Sen. Wendy Davis and pro-choice supporters across the country are ready to fight back against his extreme agenda.

Who's with us?

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