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A Huge Victory for Emergency Contraception!

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bc-access-write-futures-red.pngThis week, the Obama administration announced that it would comply with a federal judge's ruling that emergency contraception (EC) be made available over the counter to all women without age restrictions.

Securing the ability to access EC over the counter without a prescription is a monumental win for women's reproductive freedom!

Not only does birth control prevent unplanned pregnancy and reduce the need for abortion care, it empowers women of any age to control when and whether to start a family. This essential right allows women to take better care of themselves and their families, support themselves financially, and advance their educational and career goals.

The medical community has long supported efforts to make EC available to women without a prescription. And many women's reproductive-health doctors have recognized that EC is a safe medication to be sold over the counter.

And it's certainly been a long time coming.

Unlike past presidencies, the Obama administration's decision shows that it is standing on the side of sound science. We're pleased to see that in the end, the administration recognized women's access to reproductive-health care should not be determined by politicians, but rather driven by science.

We couldn't be more thrilled that EC will finally be available to women of all ages.

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