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The Cost of Abortion Care

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piggy bank_small.jpgAnti-choice activists sometimes use the argument that abortion should be illegal because "irresponsible" women frequently use abortion care as birth control - which is offensive. The reality behind the way women access abortion is much more complicated.

The cost of first-trimester abortion services is roughly $500 - and the price tag can reach up to thousands of dollars if women are forced to delay care given the ever-increasing list of anti-choice restrictions.

But the costs don't stop there.

According to a new study, many women seeking abortion care must factor in all kinds of related expenses. There's the cost of taking time off of work, which if you don't get sick leave, means lost wages. Then there are child care costs. And many women have to travel great distances, so don't forget hotel and travel bills just to get to a clinic that offers abortion care - and some states only have one remaining abortion provider.

The sad truth is, many women who seek abortion care are low-income and need financial assistance to cover the cost of abortion. One-third of women will delay or forgo paying bills such as electricity, insurance, or car payments, food, and rent, to pay the full cost of abortion care.

The study found that women who received financial assistance from an abortion fund, partner, or family member considered it "life-saving" support.

But rather than support women who desperately need abortion care, anti-choice politicians have introduced restriction after restriction to block women from accessing abortion services.

Despite what the anti-choice movement would have you believe, the decision to access abortion care is not one that women take lightly in terms of their emotional and financial well-being.

Blocking access to abortion care doesn't actually change a woman's mind, but it can bar her from making the best, safest decision for herself and her family.

And women are forced to pay the price.

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