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SBA List: What's in a Name?

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NSRW_Susan_Anthony.pngRadical anti-choice group Susan B. Anthony (SBA) List continues to shock and appall people when they learn about the organization's agenda to ban abortion nationwide.

Susan B. Anthony is best known for her work to strengthen women's rights, including suffrage, education, and even property ownership.

So when people hear that her name is being used to further an anti-woman agenda, they're usually outraged. It's probably safe to say Susan B. Anthony would be irate if she knew how SBA List is tarnishing her legacy and using her name to help elect anti-choice politicians.

According to Deborah Hughes, the president and CEO of the Susan B. Anthony Museum and House:

"One of the most common quotes used [by SBA List] is 'I deplore the ... crime of child murder.' But if you read the quote in its context, it's talking about a prior editorial that was for the criminalization of abortion, and this article is essentially a rebuttal. It's actually making the point that we need to look at all the reasons why a woman might choose to have an abortion -- economic reasons, health reasons, pressure from family or society, fear about her ability to take care of the child -- and says we shouldn't criminalize the practice of abortion."

If that wasn't evidence enough, Ernestine Glossbrenner, a Susan B. Anthony biographer, said she was "furious" over SBA List's "hate literature," and the use of Anthony's name to elect anti-choice politicians who want to roll back women's reproductive freedom.

We've heard enough, and that's why we're calling them out!

Help us fight back against this egregious anti-choice organization. Take the pledge to stop SBA List and read our full report on their radical anti-choice agenda.

This blog post is part of a series that exposes SBA List's radical anti-choice agenda. Read our past posts on SBA List's support for a nationwide abortion ban, their support for outspoken anti-choice candidates in 2012, and their upcoming election strategy.

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