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Fox News: More Women Breadwinners Will Increase Abortion

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After the release of a new study showing that an increasing number of women are becoming the main breadwinner in their families, Fox News commentator Eric Bolling made the outlandish claim that more single female breadwinners will increase the demand for abortion care.

Leave it to Fox News to be the only major news outlet to feature an (ahem, sexist) all-male panel to conclude that the increase in working women who support their families is "terribly wrong" and is "society dissolving around us."

If that wasn't enough reason to pull your hair out, Bolling brought it back to - you guessed it - abortion:

"American family is breaking down. Women are forced to go out, be the breadwinners for families. That's why the number's skewed higher now. Here's another offshoot of that: If you are a single mom, breadwinner of the family, and you get pregnant, aren't we pushing towards more abortions? It seems like we are."

Eric Bolling and the men of Fox News clearly don't understand that better access to reproductive-health services, birth control, and abortion allows women to decide their own futures. Women can better provide for their loved ones and make the best decisions about when to start and how to nurture or grow their families.

It's absurd to think that women who are breadwinners will suddenly be getting abortion care left and right.

Women as breadwinners isn't about the breakdown of some dated notion of the nuclear family. Women as breadwinners is an achievement America should be proud of, for the women of today and the generations of young women to come. This higher percentage of women as breadwinners is partially the result of protecting opportunity for women - opportunities to chart their own course, start a family on their own schedule, and take on the career they want to have.

The lesson to be learned from Fox News' anti-choice "caveman central" is that people who share these outrageous anti-woman positions give cover to politicians who want to strip away a woman's right to make personal health-care decisions.

It goes to follow that when women can't decide whether and when to start a family, they have a much harder time earning a good salary. Sorry, Fox News, but I don't think you'll find a whole lot of women who are ready to accept a smaller paycheck just to fit into your extremely narrow worldview.

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