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Critical Abortion Legislation Too Complex for Gabriel Gomez

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On June 25, NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC-endorsed Rep. Ed Markey and anti-choice opponent Gabriel Gomez will face off in an election in Massachusetts for John Kerry's former Senate seat.

You would think that any candidate would make sure they're well informed about issues that have been front and center during the election, like a woman's right to choose.

But apparently, Gabriel Gomez doesn't have time for women's reproductive health. He recently admitted that he never even read important choice-related legislation that could significantly impact the people he hopes to represent.

In an interview with The Boston Globe, Gomez was asked about his positions on important reproductive-rights legislation.

When asked about the Blunt amendment, a defeated measure that would have allowed bosses to deny their workers birth-control coverage based on personal beliefs, Gomez was clueless. He stumbled through his response asking, "Oh, is this like the Catholic Church and all?"

Gomez was also asked about the Stupak amendment. His response: "'Is this federal funding for abortion?"

Seriously? Who's doing the interviewing here?

When The Boston Globe explained to Gomez that this failed measure would have made it virtually impossible for private insurance companies in the new system to provide abortion coverage, Gomez clearly did not understand it. He reiterated:

"OK, but I don't think there should be federal funding for abortions."

If Gomez can't even be bothered to read and understand measures that would endanger women's reproductive-health care, what else would he ignore as a Massachusetts senator?

We don't want to find out, and neither should Massachusetts voters. That's why we've given our full support to pro-choice Rep. Ed Markey, who has read and understands these important issues for women and their families.

Maybe Gomez will take the time between now and the June 25 election to read up on measures that help protect women's freedom and privacy.

But we seriously doubt it.

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