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Our Final Push to Elect Pro-Choice Rep. Ed Markey!

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Tomorrow, April 30, voters will head to the polls to vote in the Democratic primary in a special election for Secretary of State John Kerry's former Senate seat.

It's essential that we elect leaders that will protect and expand our reproductive freedoms, not work to take them away. That's why we've pulled out all the stops to help elect Rep. Ed Markey and keep this Massachusetts Senate seat pro-choice.

NARAL Pro-Choice America staff and volunteers have been working day and night over the last few weeks, knocking on more than 2,000 doors and making thousands of phone calls to educate Massachusetts voters about why Rep. Ed Markey is the only candidate they can trust with their freedom and privacy.

Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, was in Massachusetts on Sunday speaking with students of Wellesley and at two rallies with Rep. Markey.

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We're seeing evidence of the power of choice in this election. A lot of the voters we spoke with didn't know the primary was just around the corner. Others told our canvassers that they're pro-choice and didn't know that Rep. Stephen Lynch had voted anti-choice so frequently.

For example, there's the story of Jennifer in Newton. Jennifer was definitely planning on voting on Tuesday but wasn't aware that Markey is the only fully pro-choice candidate in the race. After learning this news, she changed her decision on the spot and became a Markey voter.

Voters in Massachusetts want a leader who will fight for their reproductive freedom and privacy. Tomorrow, they'll vote for the pro-choice candidate who will do just that, and that person is pro-choice Rep. Ed Markey.

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