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Ilyse Hogue Talks Anti-Choice Attacks with Thomas Roberts on MSNBC

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As we say again and again, anti-choice politicians clearly didn't learn their lesson from the 2012 War on Women. As a result, those politicians are launching wave after wave of legislative attacks on choice in the states this year.

These range from "personhood" legislation and unnecessary and burdensome TRAP regulations to unconstitutional outright abortion bans.

Far from chastened by their setbacks last fall, the anti-choice movement has redoubled its efforts and will clearly stop at nothing to take women's advancements in reproductive health back to the Middle Ages.

Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, stopped by MSNBC to talk with Thomas Roberts about current anti-choice attacks in the states:

"What we're seeing is a disturbing pattern. Women in America are living in two vastly different realities. Some places where they actually have the full range of reproductive choices that allow them the independence and autonomy that we define as uniquely American, and others where [anti-choice politicians] are saying 'No, you're a second-class citizen, and you're not allowed to make the choices that men would make between them and their doctors.' What we know as women, is that we are people and we will fight for our choices, and we'll fight to make these choices with our families and with our doctors."

What these anti-choice politicians try to forget is that advocates for women have the values of freedom and privacy on our side.

Seven in 10 Americans support Roe v. Wade, and when politicians try to get between women and their doctors, women will make their voices heard.

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