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High-School Student Threatened for Exposing Dangerous "Abstinence-Only" Program

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Katelyn CampbellI recently heard Katelyn Campbell's inspiring story, and just had to share it with you.

Katelyn is a high school student in West Virginia. Her school recently hosted an "abstinence-only" program that that lied to students about birth control and denies them the information they need to stay healthy. The presenter, Pam Stenzel, says taking birth control can lead to becoming "sterile or dead." Her program is truly outrageous.

Katelyn fought back against these lies. She talked with the local newspaper, and even went on CNN.

How did the school principal George Aulenbacher respond? He tried to shut her down. Katelyn says Aulenbacher called her into his office to berate her and threatened to call her future college to tell them she has "bad character" and is a "backstabber."

But Katelyn didn't back down. She knows, like we do, that teens need accurate information about abstinence and birth control so that they can make the responsible decisions that are right for them. After all, one in four teen girls in the U.S. has an STD, and one third of young women will become pregnant before they're 20 years old.

So here's a big high five to Katelyn, and all the other young people like her who are standing up for their rights!

And props to Wellesley College for letting Katelyn know that it's happy to welcome her in the fall.

How can you show your support? Tell the Board of Education and superintendent of schools in Kanawha County to censure Principal Aulenbacher and support comprehensive sex education.

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