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Delivering Your Comments in Support of No-Cost Birth Control!

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Today, staff and volunteers of NARAL Pro-Choice America joined Planned Parenthood and National Women's Law Center to deliver your comments in support of no-cost birth control to the Department of Health and Human Services. Together, we submitted more than 338,000 comments!

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Hundreds of thousands of pro-choice activists submitted comments about why no-cost birth control is essential for women across the country who may otherwise not be able to afford it.

Access to birth control is so important because the ability to control when, how, and with whom to start a family empowers women to chart their own courses and achieve their goals in life. That's why we love the no-cost birth control benefit under Obamacare!

Anti-choice opponents tried to flood HHS with anti-birth control comments.

But we know that most Americans support the no-cost birth control policy and we're making our pro-choice voices heard!

Because when women have access to birth control they have the power to choose their futures.

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