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Obamacare Turns Three!

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Three years ago, President Obama put his pen to paper and signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) into law.

This law is a huge win for women's health, and ensures that millions of Americans will have access to health care that they otherwise may not be able to afford, including no-cost birth control.


Here's a photo marking one of our favorite Affordable Care Act (ACA) moments from 2012. President Obama, in the Oval Office, speaks with the Solicitor General of the United States after learning that the ACA was upheld by the Supreme Court.

We fully support this huge advancement for women's health. Thanks to Obamacare, more than 30 million Americans will have access to affordable family-planning services, better access to contraception, and maternity care. We know that when women have control over their own health-care, they're empowered to make essential decisions about their families and their futures.

We stand with our pro-choice President Barack Obama and will continue our work to ensure that millions of Americans have access to the health care they deserve.

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