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Celebrating Women's History Month: The Legacy of Roe v. Wade

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As we wrap up Women's History Month, it's important to think about how far we have come in the fight for reproductive freedom, and remember the many gains for women that came as a result of Roe v. Wade.

Before Roe, women were often forced to choose between their families, and their educations or careers. The legalization of birth control and abortion allowed society to take great strides forward by ensuring that women have the power to make important choices about their futures.

Studies show that with access to family-planning services and contraception, women are better able to take care of themselves, support themselves financially, and pursue their aspirations.

With the many gains we've won for women, it can be easy to rest on our laurels or get distracted by smaller fights for women's freedom and privacy. Instead, we should turn our attention to the future we will create and what the legacy of Roe v. Wade will mean to the generations that come after us.

Young pro-choice activists from diverse backgrounds are making their voices heard all over the world. Women continue to gain ground in the military, on Capitol Hill, and in the corner offices of Fortune 500s and nonprofit organizations.

Unfortunately, we're still fighting to protect a basic right that the Supreme Court ruled on decades ago, a woman's right to choose.

The new generation has the power to protect and expand these essential rights for women. And the responsibility falls on us to change the current the conversation from one of gender politics to conversations about social equality and equal opportunity.

What do the next 40 years of Roe look like to you?

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