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Celebrating Women's History Month: Birth Control

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We're more than half-way through Women's History Month and our celebration is far from over!

This week, we're focusing on the legalization of birth control and how deeply it impacted the lives of women across the country.

But first, a quick history lesson.

In the 1965 landmark case Griswold v. Connecticut, the Supreme Court ruled that birth control should be legal for married couples.

In 1972, the Supreme Court took one step further and ruled that unmarried couples, as well as married couples, have the right to use contraception - effectively legalizing birth control across the country.

Access to birth control is essential for millions of women and their families. The ability to control when, how, and with whom to start a family empowers women to chart their own courses and achieve their goals in life.

That's why we're fully supportive of the no-cost birth-control benefit under Obamacare. Because when women have access to birth control they have the power to choose their futures.

And we're not alone! Seventy-one percent of Americans agree that health-insurance plans should cover the cost of birth control.

Studies show that accessible birth control allows women to take better care of themselves and their families, support themselves financially, and advance their educational or career goals.

Join the celebration of Women's History Month and the huge positive impact birth control has on the lives of women and their families by sharing our graphic on Facebook.


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