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Arkansas Becomes Frontrunner in Attacking Choice

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arkansas_small.jpg Anti-choice politicians in Arkansas are wasting no time trying to strip away women's reproductive freedom in that state.

The state legislature is working on not one, but two extreme anti-choice bills.

The first bill would ban abortion care as early as 20 weeks without an adequate exception to protect a woman's health. This would take away options from women who face a devastating diagnosis of severe fetal anomalies later in pregnancy.

The second anti-choice bill would ban abortion, even earlier, at 12 weeks!

Extreme bans on abortion care inspired by so-called "heartbeat" bills have popped up in six states across the country. Arkansas stands poised to be the first state to submit such a measure for the governor's consideration.

Needless to say, these anti-choice legislative attacks are outrageous, and the state of Arkansas is winning the race to the bottom of the anti-choice barrel.

Last week, the first of these bills - the 20-week abortion ban - was sent to Gov. Mike Beebe's (D) desk.

Thankfully, Gov. Beebe vetoed the bill!

But the story doesn't end there - anti-choice politicians are now pushing for a veto override to make sure this extreme anti-choice policy becomes a reality.

There is no question that these policies are bad for women and their families. Bills like these would quite simply put abortion out of reach for hundreds of thousands of women.

We thank Gov. Beebe for standing with women in Arkansas and rejecting the extreme 20-week abortion ban. Now anti-choice politicians in that state should follow his example, instead of trying to chip away at women's freedom and privacy in Arkansas.

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