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Blog for Choice Day: Our Deepest Thanks!

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To all of you who contributed pro-choice blog posts, your Facebook posts and your Twitter tweets, we thank you for making our Blog For Choice Day 2013 a fantastic success!

By sharing our stories, we can connect personal beliefs about a woman's right to choose with political action.

That is why it is so important for the pro-choice majority to share their stories and experiences.

Erin Matson shared her story about being pro-choice and pregnant:

I strongly support and celebrate the right to abortion without shame, stigma or obstacles designed to make legal abortion practically impossible to obtain. Yet, the conversation needs to be broader to include those of us with wanted pregnancies who are placed in grave danger by outright bans, funding restrictions and other obstacles to abortion. In the past year we lost a happily pregnant, and later dangerously sick, Savita Halappanavar, who asked for an abortion that would have saved her life but couldn't get one due to "pro-life" rigidity. There is nothing that justifies her death.

Pam's House Blend discussed the growing intensity of the anti-choice movement:

It is clear that the individuals and organizations opposed to legal abortion are quickly adapting new strategies and tactics to advance their agenda. While anti-choice organizations have had some success in restricting access to abortion through the public policy process over the last four decades, their efforts to deny women options have evolved in recent years. No longer content to simply set up barriers through the legal process, the movement has redefined the word "access" and built a national network of unlicensed and unregulated "crisis pregnancy centers" with the sole intention of convincing women, sometimes through manipulation and lies, to carry their pregnancies to term. Women are already making decisions about their pregnancies in a world of inequality, limiting access and sharing mis-information only makes these decisions more difficult.

What makes Blog For Choice Day one of our favorite events is the unique variety of stories and posts pro-choice individuals share with us, such as this one from Angry Black Bitch:

I do not blog for choice.

I blog for reproductive justice...

I blog for the right to have children...

I blog for the right not to have children...

I blog for the right to parent the children we have in safe and healthy environments.

Vox: Voices for Planned Parenthood MSU:

My passion to be an advocate for the Pro-choice movement is kept strong because my family has been affected by the very thing that would have continued to happen if Roe vs. Wade had not gone in our favor. The same thing could also happen if abortion becomes outlawed in the future.

When my grandmother was two years old, she had an older brother, a younger brother, and her mother had discovered that she was expecting again. Her parents struggled to make ends meet as it was and it was even worse because they were living during the Great Depression. Her mother felt she had no other choice but to try to end her pregnancy since her husband and herself were already trying desperately to feed the family they already had. We are unsure whether or not she resorted to a back-alley abortion by some person she didn't know, asked a trusted friend to assist her, or bravely tried to take on this feat by herself but an abortion was performed and she died soon afterwards. She was so desperate to try to make the right decision for her family that she risked and lost her own life.

Not only would many women lose their lives but many children would lose their mother and many men would lose their wives if abortion was completely outlawed. Abortion is a last resort not something that someone plans to do. It should always stay a viable option that could be considered by the families and women in a desperate situation.

The 4th Wave:

I stand in solidarity with my sisters who have had abortions. I stand in solidarity with my sisters who have wanted an abortion but have not been able to afford one or have not been able to obtain one. I stand in solidarity with my sisters who have died from illegal and botched abortions. I stand in solidarity with my sisters who fight daily against the misogynistic patriarchal "pro-life" movement. I stand in solidarity with my sisters who are at the forefront of the reproductive justice movement.

Viva La Feminista:

I do not believe everyone should have abortions, but I do believe with every inch of me, including the cells of my daughter that will float inside me forever, that I do not get to make reproductive decision for others.

Therefore, yes, becoming a mother has changed my feminism. It has made me more radical and adamant to ensure that she can make her own decisions when the time comes. I pray to all the gods that she will come to me for advice, but I know there is a chance she will not.

I fight for reproductive justice for not just my daughter, but also everyone out there.

You can find more awesome posts from Blog for Choice Day 2013 on our website.

* Blog for Choice Day posts are submitted freely to NARAL Pro-Choice America. Links to external content do not represent endorsement.

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