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Blog for Choice Day: Your Stories

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Every year we are blown away by the poignant and powerful thoughts shared online from hundreds of pro-choice people. 2013 is clearly measuring up!

Here are a sampling of stories we've received about why YOU support women and men to make their own personal reproductive-health decisions:

Here's Lindsey at spelled like latte-man:

I was pro-choice from the first time I learned about abortion because no one gets to tell me what to do with my body. But now, I am pro-choice for all women, because we are still fighting for equal pay, equal health care coverage, equal treatment, and the benefit of basic dignity. The rise of waiting-periods, ultrasounds, and mandatory counseling scripts speaks volumes: legislators still think of women as children, incapable of making such difficult decisions rationally, and who must thus be protected from their own poor judgment. Well, excuse my language, but I think that is horseshit of the highest order.

From Tamara at Creative & Curly:

I would also like to take this opportunity to dispel the misconception that people who believe in access to safe, legal and affordable reproductive care, including abortion, do not like or want children. While that may be the case sometimes, it is a sweeping generalization. I of course cannot speak for everyone, only myself. And as for me, I love kids! I just want to be able to plan when I want to have them so I can give them the best life possible!

Here's what Misha from Laugh.Rant.Snort had to say:

In nursing school, I started working at a clinic. I saw women harassed. I saw women afraid. I saw the security system at the clinic. I became afraid. Then I got mad. Then I got active. I had taken the job because I was a poor student and I wanted to earn money while learning more about women's health. But the fear that the clients, the employees and I felt ignited me. Abortion was a legal, medical procedure. I didn't want to back to the days my mother and grandmother had told me about.

PG from Everysaturdaymorning's Blog

How could I not be pro-choice? In 1945 my younger sister was born, and my mother nearly died. Doctors told her she was not in good enough physical condition to ever have had babies. But they refused to sterilize her. What was she to do, a married woman with two young children, terrified she would get pregnant again? Doctors had no solution for her. So when abortion was legalized in 1973, I was so glad, and thought it was a whole new world for women and our reproductive issues. It was good to know my two daughters would have control over their own bodies. Little did I know that 40 years later we would be fighting to keep these rights for our health and our lives. We somehow need to make the general public aware of the dangers of women losing their reproductive rights.

We thank these bloggers - and everyone - who has shared their posts with us so far. We'll keep updating our website with the full list of bloggers who participate.

But the day is far from over! There's still time to tell your story about why you're pro-choice. Send us your post and we'll add it to our website.

* Blog for Choice Day posts are submitted freely to NARAL Pro-Choice America. Links to external content do not represent endorsement.

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