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Federal Court Hears Arguments for Extreme Abortion Ban

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Last week, a federal court heard the case against Arizona's egregious new law that bans abortion after 20 weeks. The law, which is currently enjoined, outlaws abortion after 20 weeks and includes only a very narrow exception for when a woman's health is in danger and no exception in cases of rape or incest.

One judge challenged the law because it could prevent a woman from seeking abortion care even if her doctor discovers a severe fetal anomaly. He described the prognosis for such a pregnancy this way: "They're basically born into hell and then die."

What did Arizona's solicitor general, David Cole, have to say?

"With due respect, that's the woman's problem. She should have made that decision earlier."

Cole's utter lack of compassion is truly outrageous. Check out the graphic we made in response to the solicitor general's dismissive comment:


Abortion bans like this harm women with wanted pregnancies who experience heart-breaking complications, such as a fetal anomaly or a cancer diagnosis. Or what about a woman who could lose the ability to have children in the future?

It's not for politicians to decide under what circumstances a woman can access abortion care - such a decision should be left to a woman and her family.

The court's decision is pending. We hope that it will rule to protect women's freedom and privacy and not deny choice to women who may need it the most.

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