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What You Don't Pay, Thanks to President Obama!

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Don't forget to tune into the presidential debate tonight!

Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama will answer questions about the economy, health care, and the role of government.

Have you heard Mitt Romney's campaign claim that women don't care about birth control, and that birth control isn't an economic issue?

The thing is, birth control is an economic issue. And President Obama understands that.

We created this graphic to highlight the stark difference between these two candidates when it comes to making birth control affordable. Many women will no longer have to take out their wallet when they pick up their birth-control prescription at the pharmacy thanks to President Obama's no-cost birth control policy. If Mitt Romney's elected? He's threatened to take away this great preventive benefit.

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We'll be live tweeting the debate tonight, so be sure to follow @NARAL for updates.

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