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Extreme Anti-Choice Justice Scalia is Sen. Scott Brown's "Model Justice"

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Who got booed for naming an extreme anti-choice Justice Scalia as his "model Supreme Court justice?"

Why that would be Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.).

Sen. Brown has attempted to appear moderate to voters, and has even tried to mislead them by calling himself pro-choice. But his statement about Justice Scalia, combined with his voting record, reveal his true colors.

After all, it's no secret that Justice Scalia is extremely anti-choice. He recently made the news for calling Roe v. Wade "utterly idiotic."

Here's the full story:

Sen. Brown is running against Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for the Massachusetts Senate seat. During a recent debate, Sen. Brown was asked to name his model Supreme Court justice. He answered:

"Let me see here, that's a great question. I think Justice Scalia is a very good judge."

The response was promptly met with loud boos from the audience.

If you have friends who vote in Massachusetts, tell them to cast their votes for pro-choice Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren. We cannot trust Sen. Scott Brown to protect women's freedom and privacy.

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