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Rep. Paul Ryan's Attempts to Redefine "Rape"

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Romney_&_Ryan_in_Manassas.jpgEveryone is talking about Rep. Todd Akin's (R-Mo.) outrageous statement that abortion isn't necessary for survivors of "legitimate" rape. He said they rarely get pregnant because the "female body has ways of shutting that whole thing down."

The Romney-Ryan campaign tried to distance itself from the statement, but Rep. Ryan's (R-Wis.) record tells a very different story.

Rep. Paul Ryan cosponsored extreme "personhood" legislation that, if passed and enacted, would ban abortion in almost all cases, including rape or incest. And Mitt Romney supported the Mississippi "personhood" initiative that, if passed, would have done the same thing.

Last year, Rep. Ryan joined with Rep. Akin to cosponsor H.R. 3, a bill that could have effectively redefined "rape."

The original version of H.R. 3 would have blocked a woman's access to abortion coverage unless she was a survivor of "forcible rape." Really?! What's more, when given the chance to apologize for his offensive comment, Rep. Akin explained that when he said "legitimate" rape, he meant to say "forcible" rape.

Don't be fooled. Whatever Mitt Romney (R-Mass.) may have said about Rep. Akin's comments, those views mirror the values and agenda of the Romney-Ryan ticket.

In November, pro-choice voters will show Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan exactly how out of touch they are with America's priorities and values.

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