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Obama vs. Romney: Extreme "Personhood" Measures Show a Clear Contrast

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We've got great news! Today, a "personhood" measure in Colorado failed to qualify for the ballot in November.

Colorado voters defeated a "personhood" measure in 2008 by a three-to-one margin, and then again in 2010.

That's probably because Colorado voters know "personhood" measures are so extreme that they could ban abortion, outlaw most modern forms of contraception, and could even restrict in vitro fertilization and stem-cell research.

Last November, Mississippians overwhelmingly rejected a "personhood" measure that would have outlawed abortion care under all circumstances.

So where do the candidates running for the highest office in the nation stand on extreme "personhood" measures? Let's look at the contrasting positions of President Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney.

President Obama, who has been a steadfast champion of women's freedom and privacy, opposes "personhood" laws.

Following the defeat of the "personhood" ballot measure in Mississippi, the White House issued the following statement:

"The president believes that extreme amendments like this would do real damage to a woman's constitutional right to make her own health care decisions, including some very personal decisions on contraception and family planning."

Where does Mitt Romney stand on "personhood" laws?

When asked if he would have "supported a constitutional amendment that would have established the definition of life at conception?" Romney replied, "Absolutely."

So let's get this straight.

Romney supports "personhood" measures that would ban abortion, most modern forms of contraception, and even restrict fertility treatments.

President Obama unequivocally opposes "personhood" laws because they "would do real damage to a woman's constitutional right to make her own health care decisions."

The difference between these candidates couldn't be clearer.

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