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A Far-Reaching Sneak Attack in North Dakota

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On Tuesday, June 12, North Dakota voters will vote on Measure 3, the so-called "Religious Liberties Restoration Amendment."

The what?

You might be thinking, "Why would North Dakotans vote on this? Aren't our religious liberties already protected by the U.S. Constitution?"

Indeed, they are. And, like most Americans, North Dakotans are strong believers in religious freedom.

The fact is that Measure 3 is a sneaky ballot measure that isn't really about what its sponsors claim it is.

Measure 3 is so broad that it could allow anybody to do (or refuse to do) just about anything as long as they claim to be motivated by a "sincerely held religious belief." It is also poorly written and has so many loopholes that it could open the door for serious and even harmful unintended consequences for all North Dakotans.

For example, bosses could use their religious beliefs to discriminate against their female employees.

But it doesn't stop there.

A man could claim domestic-violence laws don't apply to him because his religion tells him he has the right to discipline his wife and children as he sees fit.

If Measure 3 passes, health-care providers could refuse to provide prenatal care to an unmarried woman.

Simply put, Measure 3 is a terrible idea. And it's not limited to North Dakota. If it passes, it could pave the way for similar measures across the country.

That's why are working with North Dakotans Against Measure Three to defeat this dangerous measure.

If you live in North Dakota, or know someone who does, be sure you and your friends vote NO on Measure 3 on Tuesday, June 12.

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