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Who is behind "October Baby"?

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Could a movie with an anti-choice agenda be coming to a theater near you?

Today's New York Times had a story on the new movie "October Baby," which made $2.8 million in its opening week.

"October Baby" bills itself as a coming-of-age story with no political agenda. But a closer look at the filmmakers and the groups behind this movie reveals a troubling connection with the extreme anti-choice movement.

Who's behind "October Baby"?

You'll notice that the movie's website lists several supporting anti-choice organizations.

Focus on the Family and the American Family Association are among the groups that support extreme "personhood" measures.

Last November, the American Family Association campaigned aggressively for a "personhood" initiative in Mississippi that would have banned abortion care without exception, and could also have outlawed most common forms of birth control.

The filmmakers, Andrew and Jon Erwin, even did screenings of "October Baby" to help support the "personhood" initiative.

Thankfully, Mississippi voters overwhelmingly rejected this far-reaching measure.

But the people behind Mississippi "personhood" aren't giving up. They're pushing similar measures in other states.

Who's getting money from "October Baby"?

The movie's website lists Care Net and Heartbeat International as partners. They're umbrella organizations that support anti-choice "crisis pregnancy centers" (CPCs).

Ten percent of the profits from "October Baby" go to fund organizations that match the description of Care Net CPCs. That's more than $280,000 funneled in the last week alone toward misleading women!

So, here's why moviegoers should have concerns about how this financial arrangement affects women.

CPCs are anti-choice operations that pose as comprehensive women's health clinics. However, many CPCs deceive and lie to women to scare them away from choosing safe, legal abortion care. In other words, they aren't what they appear to be.

Investigations by NARAL Pro-Choice America state affiliates and HBO's documentary "12th & Delaware" have shown that CPCs regularly provide false or misleading information.

A CPC in Florida even suggested to one woman that her abusive boyfriend would stop abusing her if she carried her pregnancy to term.

There are more than 4,000 CPCs operating throughout the country; they outnumber health centers that provide abortion care by a 4:1 margin.

Sometimes, a movie's just a movie--but that's not the case with "October Baby."

Please feel free to share this information and check your local movie listings.

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