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Some Good News Out of New Hampshire

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Last week, I told you that members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, led by anti-choice Speaker William O'Brien, had been busy, busy beavers pushing a slew of anti-choice bills.

Well, now some good news: the state Senate put the brakes on O'Brien's anti-choice agenda and rejected two bills that would have restricted women's access to reproductive-health care.

Elizabeth Hager, chairwoman of NARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire PAC, said the Senate's votes were a clear sign that New Hampshirites are fed up with attacks on choice:

Today's votes are a clear rejection of the foolish crusade Speaker O'Brien has led this legislative session to restrict women's reproductive healthcare.

Like the majority of New Hampshire voters, we believe medical decisions should be made between a patient and her doctor, without governmental interference--and we're glad to see the New Hampshire state Senate agrees!

This legislative session has been marred by attacks on women's health and privacy, but today's votes signify a return to the Granite State's long, proud tradition of trusting women to make their own personal, private healthcare decisions in consultation with their doctors, family, and faith.

Bravo, NARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire, for leading the fight to defeat these bad bills.

As we celebrate this victory, it's important to remember to stay on guard. Speaker O'Brien and his anti-choice cronies aren't done pushing their anti-choice agenda.

You can monitor the latest from the Granite State on Twitter by following the hashtag #EndOBriensFoolishness.

NARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire will be ready to respond whenever attacks on choice arise.

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