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NH House Passes Three Anti-Choice Bills in a Month

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Wonder what New Hampshire's House of Representatives has been up to over the past month?

If you said it passed one or two bills restricting a woman's right to choose, sorry--you're underestimating the anti-choice politicians in the Granite State.

In the past month, the New Hampshire House has passed three anti-choice bills.

These bills will now go on to the state Senate, which is under anti-choice control.

NARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire has been leading the fight against these bills, and will mobilize to try to defeat them in the Senate.

The Granite State is a perfect example of how just one election can have devastating consequences for women's health. In 2011, New Hampshire received a grade of A- in our Who Decides? report. The Granite State had a history of strong bipartisan support for the right to choose.

In 2012, after anti-choice extremists spent a year pushing their agenda in both houses of the legislature, New Hampshire's Who Decides? grade fell to a B-.

And with a flurry of attacks on women's freedom and privacy, New Hampshire's grade on protecting pro-choice values could fall even further.

Fortunately, New Hampshire has a pro-choice governor, John Lynch. Last year, Gov. Lynch vetoed a dangerous parental-involvement mandate.

Unfortunately, anti-choice lawmakers in the New Hampshire House and Senate were able to override the governor's veto and enact a law endangering young women's health and safety anyway.

New Hampshirites are fed up with attacks on choice, and politicians pushing this extreme agenda are in for some serious trouble come this November.

Changing the New Hampshire legislature is an example of how we can end the War on Women, state by state.

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