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AUDIO: "October Baby" Activist Explains How to Deceive Women

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With the new movie "October Baby" generating buzz, people are paying more and more attention to anti-choice "crisis pregnancy centers" (CPCs).

CPCs are anti-choice operations that pose as comprehensive women's health clinics. However, many CPCs deceive and lie to women to scare them away from choosing safe, legal abortion care.

Ten percent of the profits from "October Baby" go to fund organizations that match the description of anti-choice CPCs. And the movie's website lists Care Net and Heartbeat International, two umbrella organizations that support CPCs, as partners.

RH RealityCheck obtained audio from Heartbeat International's annual conference. You can hear anti-choice activist Abby Johnson, who endorsed "October Baby" and even recorded a message for its YouTube page, explain how to lure women seeking abortion care into a CPC instead:

The best client you ever get is one that thinks they're walking into an abortion clinic. Okay? Those are the best clients that could ever walk in your door or call your center. The ones that think you provide abortions.

If filmmakers want to make a movie with an ideological message, that is entirely their right. But American moviegoers also have the right to know whether their ticket dollars are going to fund organizations that deliberately mislead women.

Already, thousands of our supporters have joined us in calling for a meeting with Sony CEO Doug Morris to educate his company about the dangers CPCs pose to women's health. (A subsidiary of Sony is distributing "October Baby.")

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