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Standing Up for Women's Health on the Supreme Court Steps

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I just got back from the Supreme Court.

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This week, the justices are hearing arguments on challenges brought by private plaintiffs and state governments that want to overturn the health-care law that President Obama signed into law two years ago.

If they succeed, all of our work to make near-universal coverage of birth control for women a reality will be undone.

That's why hundreds of pro-choice Americans rallied in front of the Supreme Court this morning. We were there to protect our health care from extremists who want to take it away.

Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, said that women stand to lose a lot if the Court strikes down the law:

The attacks on the health-reform law are targeting women in the same way as the legislative attacks on contraception and ugly rhetoric that have made headlines in the last month. If the court strikes down this law, better coverage of prenatal care and contraceptives for millions of women could disappear. Insurance companies could go back to charging women more money for health-care services than men. That's why we must stand with President Obama and women across this country in supporting this important law.

The health-reform law is a big deal for millions of Americans.

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