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Romney: Bosses Should Be Able to Deny Contraception to Employees

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Former Gov. Mitt Romney yesterday confirmed that he thinks your boss should be able to block you from getting insurance coverage for birth control.

You might have heard that he backtracked. At first, he said he did not support the far-reaching Blunt amendment, which the Senate is voting on today. That lasted about an hour after the Ohio News Network first reported it. Romney's campaign then issued a statement claiming he misunderstood the question, and thus he supports a proposal from Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.).

Romney's record on contraception is already abysmal, so his support for the Blunt amendment makes things even worse.

Let's review.

As you know, the Obama administration's policy on contraceptive coverage already exempts churches and other places of worship. The far-reaching Blunt amendment would allow corporations and insurance companies to refuse to cover birth control and other essential health-care services including maternity care, HIV/AIDS treatment, mammograms and cancer screenings. In short, anti-contraception politicians want to give the person who runs a fast-food restaurant or any corporation the authority to block employees from getting insurance plans that cover birth control.

The Democratic National Committee actually produced a video that sums up the issue in about 70 seconds:

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