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"Doonesbury" Takes on Mandatory Ultrasounds

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Mandatory-ultrasound laws have gotten a lot of attention of late.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell signed one of these intrusive measures into law last week. And a mandatory-ultrasound law was allowed to go into effect in Texas in January, when a temporary stay was overturned by the courts.

Now, Garry Trudeau's "Doonesbury" is taking on this attack on women's freedom and privacy.

Doonesbury 3-12.gif

Each "Doonesbury" this week will be about Texas' mandatory-ultrasound law. But not everyone will get to see it in their hometown paper--apparently, the topic was too controversial for some publications.

Here at Blog for Choice, we believe a comic strip that draws attention to intrusive government mandates should be shared far and wide.

Keep checking back here every day this week for more "Doonesbury"!

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