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Bridging the Gap: Engaging Millennials for a Pro-Choice Future

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Ashli Ridenour is affiliate and national programs intern at NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Did you know the Millennial Generation is largest, most diverse generation in American history?

And did you know that this generation is even more pro-choice than previous ones?

NARAL Pro-Choice America is dedicated to making sure that Millennials are also the most engaged pro-choice generation.

In the last month, three events brought NARAL Pro-Choice America staff and D.C.-area college students together for evenings full of energizing and inspiring conversations and intergenerational dialogues.

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On February 22, pro-choice campus leaders in the D.C. area gathered our spring 2012 Campus Leaders Convening.

Students shared their struggles, successes, and plans to collaborate on pro-choice organizing. They also had the opportunity to meet with Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

One student leader attendee said that "meeting Nancy and hearing her talk about the current situation, [as well as] hearing about the state of women's issues on other campuses" was very insightful and motivational.

On March 5, American University's College Democrats and Students for Choice hosted a "Millennial Views on Choice" event featuring Samantha Gordon, our assistant director of communications. Student leaders got a sneak peek into some of our research on the Millennial Generation's views on choice.

The event was a huge success!

One AU student wrote, "We at AU College Democrats have really enjoyed working with NARAL Pro-Choice America as well. Working with an organization this committed to engaging the Millennial Generation has been inspiring. The amount of support we have received from NARAL has been really extraordinary and we look forward to continuing to work with NARAL in the future."

On March 20, NARAL Pro-Choice America--in partnership with the Black Women's Health Imperative, Planned Parenthood, and H*yas for Choice--hosted a panel at Georgetown University looking at reproductive health issues in marginalized women's communities.

NARAL Pro-Choice America's very own Kate Vlach, who works as a policy aide, shared her perspective on how anti-choice legislative attacks target communities of color.

She highlighted NARAL Pro-Choice America's leadership role in exposing anti-choice "crisis pregnancy centers" (CPCs).

The primary reason these anti-choice operations exist is to scare women away from choosing legal abortion care. In particular, CPCs target younger women--especially younger women of color.

A Georgetown University student leader wrote of the event, "H*yas for Choice is always looking for events to host during the year and [NARAL] has clearly made your resources unbelievably accessible. Thank you all for your dedication to growing pro-choice campus groups. Particularly at Georgetown, where we are not necessarily welcomed on campus, outside resources are crucial to the overall success of our organization."

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