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Students Speak Out to Protect Birth Control

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As politicians in Washington attack insurance coverage of birth control (and with guys like Sen. Ron Johnson and Rep. Tom Price not thinking that's a problem), America's students are speaking out.

Yesterday, our state affiliates worked with students at more than 20 colleges and universities to organize in a campus day of action to stand up for President Obama's policy ensuring that all women can get contraceptive coverage without a copay.

They collected petition signatures in support of birth-control coverage, educated their peers about the ongoing legislative attacks on contraception, and rallied to bring visibility to the issue.

For many of these students, contraception coverage is a personal issue. One in three women struggles with the high cost of birth control at some point in her life--a burden that disproportionately affects younger women. College-aged women stand to save thousands of dollars over their lifetimes because of President Obama's policy.

Don't let anti-contraception extremists take away your access to basic health care. Tell your lawmakers to stand strong against any attacks on birth control!

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