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Obama vs. Romney: When it Comes to Birth Control, the Contrast Couldn't Be Clearer

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Here's a study in contrasts between President Obama and one of the men who want to replace him: anti-choice former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-Mass.).

President Obama's administration recently announced its final policy on no-cost birth control, ensuring that millions of women will get access to contraception--and they will not have to ask their bosses for permission.

The White House resisted extraordinary pressure from anti-contraception groups. These forces wanted to allow many employers, including universities and hospitals, to refuse to cover birth control to women who work as nurses, custodians, professors, and administrative staff.

But the Obama administration is staying strong and standing behind its decision to support women's basic health care.

Now let's take a look at Gov. Romney: after winning the Florida primary last night, he vowed to take away insurance coverage for birth control.

He also promises to repeal the entire health-care law that makes no-cost birth control available in the first place.

And Gov. Romney vowed to defund Planned Parenthood, writing that he would "eliminate Title X family planning programs," which include federal funding for birth control and cancer screenings.

(Title X, by the way, is our nation's only dedicated family-planning program, and has enjoyed strong public support ever since it was enacted under President Nixon in 1970.)

So, here's a recap.

President Obama:

  • He signed the health-reform law.
  • His administration implemented a policy of near-universal insurance coverage of birth control, one of the greatest achievements for women's health care in a generation.
  • His administration stood up to anti-contraception extremists who wanted to deny this important benefit to millions.

Gov. Romney:

  • He wants to eliminate the rule requiring insurance coverage of birth control.
  • He wants to repeal the health-reform law.
  • He wants to defund a program that provides millions of low-income Americans with access to birth control.

Quite the difference.

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