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Nancy Pelosi's Birth-Control Hearing

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Kristin Koch is the deputy director of communications for online advocacy strategies for NARAL Pro-Choice America.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is fighting back against the legislative attacks.

This morning, Leader Pelosi will give Sandra Fluke the opportunity to finally give her testimony in Congress. Sandra is the Georgetown Law Center student who was prepared to testify at a hearing last week about the importance of birth control to millions of women. But the committee's chairman refused to let her have a say, claiming that she was not "qualified" or "appropriate" for the hearing.

Unfortunately, anti-contraception lawmakers couldn't leave well enough alone. Instead, they initially refused to televise today's hearing.

Can women's contraceptive coverage become any more politicized?

Follow our tweets live from the hearing today. Even if you don't use Twitter, you can follow along by going to our Twitter feed.

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