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What will you do to help elect pro-choice candidates in 2012?

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Maria Cardona, Principle, Dewey Square Group, CNN Contributor, Latinovations Founder & Political Strategist

In the past few years we have seen a deterioration of pro-choice rights across the country as different state legislatures introduce laws that weaken the rights of women to make personal choices about the health of their bodies. I'm a true believer that we must do everything in our power to live up to the legacy laid out by Roe v Wade and should protect the rights of women at all costs.

As a CNN contributor, I will continue to take every opportunity to support candidates who are progressive and pro-choice. I make sure to keep myself informed on the latest policy changes that are happening at the state and local level around the country.

As a founder of Latinovations, the Latino practice of the communications firm Dewey Square Group in Washington, D.C., I will support pro-choice elected officials and messages through our blog, La Plaza which reaches tens of thousands of people daily, and covers important national news and immigration-related news as well as politics and policies that affect the Latino community. Since a woman's reproductive health is key for Latinas, we began partnering with NARAL Pro-Choice America to help them continue to keep Latinas informed. We have also featured articles by Jessica Arons, the Director of the Women's Health and Rights Program, and Veronica Bayetti Flores, Policy Research Specialist at the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health.

Our guest blogger series often features high level elected officials and noted politicians, and this year we will commit to opening our space so that pro-choice elected officials have an open line of communication to our Latino readership.

This year, as elections take center-stage, on top of seeking out elected officials to guest blog for Latinovations and find ways to highlight their pro-choice work, we will also make sure to cover any important developments in the reproductive rights camp.

Most importantly, we will continue to work tirelessly to communicate about the pro-choice issue as what it is - a health issue. As the Republican Party attempts to gain the conservative Latino votes by appealing to them as the pro-life option, their efforts will be in vain. Latinos, the largest minority in the U.S. and the fastest-growing population in the nation, have been proven to be most interested in job creation and security, the economy, education, and yes, protecting the health of their daughters, sisters, aunts and mothers.

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