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To Those Who Blogged for Choice: I Salute You!

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Thank you to the hundreds of pro-choice bloggers and activists who blogged, Facebooked, tweeted, re-tweeted, and tweeted some more yesterday!

I'm reluctant to rank Blog for Choice Days--they all have so many powerful stories!--but I think I might have to declare Blog for Choice Day 2012 the best one ever!

If yesterday is any indication, America's pro-choice majority is fired up and ready to make sure the War on Women ends at the ballot box in 2012.

Here's Misha from Laugh.Rant.Snort:


I'm going to vote.


I'm going to make sure Mr. Misha, my mom and anyone else I know who is pro-choice votes. I'll drive them to the polls. I'll pick up voter registration forms for them. I'll take them to the post office to mail their absentee ballot. I'll watch their kids while they go to the polls. I'll get informed on all the local candidates and make sure everyone I know is aware who the pro-choice candidates are.

Third: I'm going to make calls, write letters and use social media to get the word out. I'll call voters. I'll call politicians. I'll call/write/tweet/blog/Facebook to make sure that the Republican Party's war on women is stopped and rights taken away will be reinstated. I will continue to be a voice that shows how reproductive rights are being taken away, how access to reproductive care is being restricted and how it hurts families.

Feminism! What? Yeah. highlights some of the outrageous statements made by anti-choice presidential candidates:

The best way to protect our reproductive freedom is by VOTING. Reproductive FREEDOM is crucial. We need the freedom to choose to have children. Or to not have children. Whatever YOUR personal choice is. Don't let a politician decide your fate, your future. That is up to you and no one else. Your body, your choice. Please register to vote. Be passionate about what can change your life so drastically. We have the right to have safe, affordable, and accessible contraception. Don't forget that.

Angry Black Bitch:

So, what am I going to do to elect pro-choice candidates in 2012?

Well... I'm going to work as if my rights are on the line.

That means I knock on one more door, I make that extra phone call, I nag my friends and family members to make sure their asses are registered and know where their polling place is...I volunteer, even though I'm tired...I stuff envelopes, even though I'd rather be [insert any of the many things I set aside during an election year].

I'm going to teach...

...and educate my community about reproductive justice and that there are people who appropriate the language and tactics of the Civil Rights movement so that they can erect anti-choice versions of the White Citizens Council and bar black women from the full range of reproductive health care.

Another thing that made Blog for Choice Day 2012 the best one ever was the outpouring of support from pro-choice elected officials and candidates.

Here's Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.), the co-chair of the House Pro-Choice Caucus:

In the first year of the 112th Congress the U.S. House did not once consider comprehensive jobs legislation, but we still managed to vote seven different times to restrict a woman's access to a full range of reproductive health care. We voted to defund family planning services and raise taxes on women who purchase comprehensive insurance coverage. We voted to restrict federal funding from going to comprehensive medical training programs. We even voted to allow hospitals to deny life-saving care to women if it involved performing an abortion.

These votes threaten the health of women all across America and I will continue to stand up against these attacks. I fight to protect a woman's right to choose largely grounded in my Western values of personal freedom and common sense. But as today's anniversary approached, I wanted to hear from others about why defending that right was important to them. So on Friday I turned to Facebook and asked my followers for their stories, and the answers were astounding.

You can find more awesome posts from Blog for Choice Day 2012 on our blog roll.

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