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What I Will Do in 2012 to Ensure We Elect Pro-Choice Candidates

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Ashli, Affiliate and National Programs Department at NARAL Pro-Choice America

2011's political landscape was littered with legislative attacks on reproductive health so vicious that they constituted a War on Women. We all know that we need to elect more pro-choice candidates to ensure that we don't have a repeat of 2011.

With pressing issues such as unemployment, the growing disparity between the wealthy and poor, and our failing education system, the barrage of anti-choice legislation was not only impractical, but downright insulting. Hopefully, Americans saw right through the disingenuous talking points and false flags, and now understand the anti-choice agenda that lawmakers are really pushing - an attempt to roll back women's rights to pre-Roe times.

In 2012, anti-choice legislators need to lose their jobs. This is an exciting election year and I have already started planning how I can most effectively get pro-choice candidates elected.

Number 1: Bombard my social media profiles with news and donation pages for my favorite pro-choice rock stars even to the chagrin of my non-political friends.

Number 2: Send the same pro-choice rock stars a check. Even if it is not substantial, it can really help with their campaign.

Number 3: Who doesn't like yard signs? They're like bumper stickers but for your yard.

Number 4: Phone bank, phone bank, phone bank!

Number 5: Vote for said pro-choice candidates. Duh.

Number 6: Bring other pro-choice voters with me to vote.

These are just a couple ways that I am going to support pro-choice candidates.

The possibilities are endless and campaigns can always use more phone bank!

So, in 2012, make sure you support people who will turn around and support you.

Paid for by NARAL Pro-Choice America,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

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