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Anti-Choice Republican Candidates to Attend "Personhood" Forum

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From The New York Times:

The "personhood amendment," granting legal rights to human embryos, might have seemed to be a political nonstarter after voters in Mississippi, arguably the most conservative and anti-abortion state in the nation, rejected such a proposal last month. But the idea has not faded in the Republican primaries.

Oh, no, it has not.

Next Tuesday, December 27, Republican presidential aspirants Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum will attend a special radio forum hosted by Personhood USA, the extreme anti-choice group pushing these "personhood" measures nationwide.

Memo to candidates: when 58 percent of voters in a state that has one of the worst grades on choice think something's too extreme, it's probably too extreme.

Speaking of 58 percent, that's also the percent of Virginians who oppose a proposed "personhood" bill that anti-choice lawmakers in the Old Dominion have made the first new bill of the opening legislative session.

But it looks like extreme isn't taking a break for the holidays.

P.S. And, if you're around on December 27, please consult our website for info on the presidential candidates.

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