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More Scrutiny of Romney's Bad Record on Choice on MSNBC

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People are having a hard time trusting former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-Mass.)--and with good reason.

Back in 2002, he was trying to get elected governor in a pro-choice state. He promised NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts that he'd be a "good voice in the [Republican] party" for women's freedom and privacy.

What happened after Romney took office? He governed as a staunch opponent of a woman's right to choose.

Last night, Melissa Kogut, former executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, went on MSNBC's "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell" to talk about Romney's deception:

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And just how anti-choice is Gov. Romney really?

  • So anti-choice that he vetoed a bill that would have required doctors to provide emergency contraception to rape survivors. (Fortunately, the Massachusetts legislature enacted the legislation over Romney's veto.)
  • So anti-choice that he supports defunding Planned Parenthood.
  • So anti-choice that he voiced his support for a state constitutional amendment that would have established the definition of life at conception, which is what Mississippi's "personhood" measure would do.

That's the thing about Mitt Romney: the more you know him, the less you trust him.

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